7 Must-Have (Free) Mobile Apps to do Your Job Better

by Enrique Mendizabal

7 Must-Have (Free) Mobile Apps to do Your Job Better

A list of very useful tools for any think tank:

Brewster: Instant Rolodex – Brewster is a handy mobile app that pulls in contact info and other details from all of those platforms and creates eye-catching, in-depth profiles for each and every person.

Here on Biz: Meet your LinkedIn contacts in real life – Virtual connections are great, but nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. With Here on Biz, you can instantly see which of your LinkedIn contacts (as well as other LinkedIn users) are physically nearby, segmented into visitors and locals.
HootSuite: All your social media, anywhere – Yes, HootSuite is my company. But it’s not just fatherly pride when I say HootSuite Mobile is an amazing app for handling social media on the go.

Dropbox: Your hard drive, anywhere – Here’s an oldie but goodie. According to urban legend, Dropbox was hatched back in 2007 when MIT grad and founder Drew Houston got fed up with always forgetting his memory sticks around campus. His solution: a seamless, cloud-based system to sync files across all of your devices.

Trello: Beyond to-do lists – Back In the early 1950s, engineers at Toyota pioneered a deceptively simple scheduling system called Kanban, based on index cards passed from one part on the plant to another. Trello takes this concept into the mobile era. Tasks (or Lists, in Trello lingo) are represented as columns on a virtual corkboard.

Evernote: Junk drawer for your digital life – Another indispensable classic, cloud-based notetaking app Evernote is quite possibly the world’s most incredible junk drawer.

UberConference: Conference calls on the go – Organizing conference calls is a logistical feat under the best of conditions – emailing colleagues to set a time, sending out access codes, waiting for everyone to call in. Trying to do all that on the go can be nearly impossible. That’s where UberConference comes in.